Rope Length Measuring Machine Produces Results

Following several major new customers this year, Bar Products & Services Ltd have gained further worldwide recognition for its full range of products.

One of the major successes of this year has been the Wire Rope Measuring System. This new product in the range of machinery attracted a great deal of interest with wire rope manufacturers as well as wire rope service centers.

The unit is capable of very accurate mechanical measuring of rope lengths to +/-0.25% allowing precise cutting of required orders and less expensive waste.
Developed using a 5 roller system the measuring machine can be utilised for wire ropes of diameters between 6mm and 40mm, and is ideal for use in wire rope service centres during re-spooling from stock reels to specific lengths required by the customer.

The measuring machine, designed by Stonepark Consultancy and manufactured by Bar Products & Services Ltd, comprises five rollers overhung from a supporting structure. The rollers are opened by a hand-operated lever allowing the rope to be placed between the measuring rollers from the front of the machine. The rollers are closed onto the rope with a constant, pre-set load by means of tension springs.
A high degree of accuracy is achieved through use of precision ground, profiled rollers made from hardened steel.
Measurements are recorded via a mechanical counter or alternatively by linking to an encoder or pulse generator.