Performing well in face of economic adversity.

During these testing times, BAR has been performing well, and is still reporting growth to most areas of the manufacturing business. Major new customers in the fields of tube manufacture, extrusion, tooling development and wire rope manufacture has helped BAR see a significant growth in output over the last year.

Managing Director, Steven Rika, puts the continued growth down to the diversity of the product range, ability to react to customers’ needs and the quality of the finished products. “We have successfully gained several major customers over the last 12 to 18 months by offering a level of service that is not available from other supplier’s, and by being able to react quickly to any urgent needs that can, and usually do, arise from time to time”.

Exports have increased significantly with major customers in Portugal, Italy, Germany, China, USA, Malaysia and Indonesia. BAR is now seeing the reputation that has been built up over many years, pay dividends in the global market place.
Exhibitions will be a key factor in the future. BAR already regularly exhibit at the Wire Dusseldorf exhibition, and will be present at the 2010 event. A presence is also planned for the Cable & Wire Conference taking place in Istanbul, Turkey in November 2009.
Continued Investment in new machinery, process improvements, and the latest Cad/Cam software is playing a significant part in consolidating the strength of our market position in these turbulent economic times.