Export Boost for Preform Heads, Drawing Dies & Tooling

Bar Products & Services Ltd finished 2019 with increased sales for Strand Preform Heads and the growth has continued into 2020 with several major orders being received to boost the New Year into China and India.

The Strand Preform Heads are manufactured to the customers specific rope size requirements in order to give the best possible production results for a high-quality finished rope. The new Strand Preform Heads will be shipped early February and further orders are expected for the first quarter.

January also saw a substantial increase for Drawing Die orders from China following recent production trials with several companies.  The value of good quality dies cannot be underestimated.  In order to produce high quality wire at good production speeds, the die materials, internal geometry and die production techniques have to be perfect to meet ever increasing finished wire quality demands.  Together with the use of good lubricants, the quality of the drawing die can be the difference between uninterrupted production times, and start/stop delays on the drawing machines, thus reducing the production times and yield of high-quality wire.

Strand Compaction Rollers and other tooling for the wire rope industry in China are also on the increase.  Furthered by the adoption of Roller Compaction for high-quality wire strand, demand for rollers has been growing for the past few years and Bar Products & Services have regular shipments to every part of the world to service our own Strand Compaction Machines as well as other styles of machines.

The Wire Strand Roller Compaction Units are now used in many of the world’s major wire strand and rope manufacturers, with repeat orders being a measure of the success of the machine.

Bar Products & Services Ltd, began supplying drawing dies over 25 years ago, and now manufacture tooling, wear parts and precision engineered products to the Wire, Tube, Cable and Rope industries around the world, from Europe to China, from India to Mexico, USA to Russia.

For enquiries on Preform Heads, Roller Compaction Units, Drawing Dies, Stranding Dies and other tooling, please contact Bar Products & Services.


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