First Russian Customer for Bar Products & Services Ltd.

 Bar Products & Services Ltd supplied the latest Wire Strand Roller Compaction Unit, and precision-made rollers, into Russia recently, further demonstrating the Company’s global presence.  The contract was signed earlier this year then supplied and commissioned within weeks of agreement.

The Compaction Unit is now fully operational, and Bar Products are confident that there will be further Compaction Units and tooling supplied to our new customer.

The Wire Strand Roller Compaction Units are now used in many of the world’s major wire strand and rope manufacturers, with repeat orders being a measure of the success of the machine.

Bar Products & Services Ltd, began supplying drawing dies over 25 years ago, and now manufacture tooling, wear parts and precision engineered products to the Wire, Tube, Cable and Rope industries around the world, from Europe to China, from India to Mexico, USA to Malaysia, and now into Russia.

For enquiries on Roller Compaction Units, Drawing Dies, Stranding Dies and other tooling, please contact Bar Products & Services.


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