PRESS RELEASE – Wire Strand Roller Compaction Boost For Bar Products & Services Ltd

Wire Strand Roller Compaction Units and rollers has become one of the success stories for BAR Products & Services Ltd over recent years. 2018 is no exception, with Units and rollers being shipped to rope manufacturers all over the world. Steven Rika, Managing Director, commented, “We have seen the demand for Roller Compaction Units, and the rollers themselves, increase since the Wire Dusseldorf show back in April. This didn’t come as a great surprise, as the interest at the show was very high, with various companies coming back more than once to discuss the Units over the course of the week-long show”.

New Units are also being developed to add to the range of Compaction Units, currently covering 2mm to 40mm strand diameter. The new Units should be available later this year for order.
“We have already had enquiries for the new Units and we expect that there will be orders as soon as the designs have been finalised before the end of this year”, Glenn Rika Rayne, Sales Manager, “further cementing our position in the market for Roller Compaction Units”.

The Units are capable of quick set up times and are also designed to be accessible to the operator during production, allowing the production line to be stopped, the strand to be removed from the rollers for inspection or repair of a broken wire, and the production line restarted. This process can be done within a matter minutes, saving production downtime and increasing productivity.

Over recent years developments and improvements have given the Roller Strand Compaction Units a greater ease of use, focusing on the needs of the operator of the machine. Some of these options can also now be retro-fitted to older existing Units that are still being used successfully around the world. This strategy gives the customer value for the Units still in use within the factories, without having to purchase the new versions. “We believe that offering the upgrade to existing Units shows our commitment, and sensitivity, to our customers’ costs in an increasingly competitive market. We are sending the message that there is no need to buy a new machine. Keep the compaction units they already have, and just upgrade it”, Steven Rika, Managing Director.

Full technical and backup and assistance on rope design and production, by our partner company, Stonepark Consultancy, makes these Roller Compaction Units a world leading option.
For further details please contact Bar Products & Services Ltd, Bradford, BD12 0SG, UK.

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