PRESS RELEASE – Rope Strand Compaction orders gives Bar Products & Services a last Quarter Boost.

Bar Products & Services Ltd have new orders to supply 5 Wire Strand Compaction Units into

the USA and 2 units to be supplied to Turkey by the end of the year.


A fantastic end to the year for Bar Products & Services, with enquiries from the

USA, Europe and China looking likely to result in firm orders as the benefits of

the Strand Compaction Units gains a higher profile around the world.


The Strand Compaction Units are designed for ease of installation and

operation. Offering short set up times, quick-change rollers (typically done in a

matter of a few minutes), and the means for achieving rapid repair of any

stranding problems and resume compacting with the minimum of down-time.

High quality, precision ground rollers providing long life and unique roller groove

profiles are provided with the units. Bar Products & Services offer rollers to suit

any stranding requirements after the installation of the unit, with rollers being

supplied for the Compaction Units worldwide.


The Strand Compaction Units are available for 2mm to 40mm strand diameters.

It is possible to apply compaction to a full range of strand constructions with

compaction levels from 5% to 25% depending upon the construction and tensile

grade of the wires.


Many companies have now placed second and third orders for the units, having

seen the advantages of the compaction system in their production facilities.

For more information on Rope Strand Compaction contact:

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