Compaction units

The Roller Compaction System manufactured by Bar Products & Services Ltd, provides a very effective means for strand compaction, particularly for high tensile strength products, and has been updated to include a four-way manifold to enable a setup time of 20 minutes.

Compaction units are available to cover the full strand diameter range from 1 to 40 mm diameter.



Strand is compacted through four pairs of profiled rollers positioned around the strand in 90° steps. The horizontal and vertical roller configuration provides the means for achieving close diameter tolerance control and good strand shape.

The self-aligning rollers enable an excellent strand surface finish to be achieved.

The Roller Compaction System is designed for ease of installation and operation with a short setup time and the means for achieving rapid repair of any stranding problems.

High quality, precision ground rollers provide long life aided by excellent bearing and housing design, unique roller groove profiles, and the means to taper the reduction of area drafting, minimising damage to both rolls and strand.

It is possible to apply compaction to a full range of strand constructions with compaction levels from 5% up to 25% depending upon the construction and tensile grade of the wires.

This is possible for both carbon and stainless steel strands.
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