‘Micro Compact’ added to the range of Machines for Strand Compaction.

The production of Roller Compaction Machines for wire strand has been a major part of the production at the UK based Bar Products & Services Ltd.

Orders for the full range of machines, suitable up to 40mm diameter strand, have been produced over the last year with the major orders going to the USA and China.

The launch of the new ‘Micro’ Compaction Machine for 2021 is also proving successful with sales and interest from companies around the world.  As a new addition to the existing range of machines, customers can now compact strands down to 1.00mm in diameter.

“The existing range has covered the majority of sizes for compacted strand for many years now.  However, the very fine strands have been neglected for roller compaction.  The new Micro Compact machine launched this year aims to cater for this fine strand market” says Glenn Rika-Rayne, Sales Director.

Roller compaction is extremely popular as the alternative to Die Compaction for many reasons, including lower heat generation, less surface damage to the wires, and improved deformation of the wires deeper into the strand.  The system is designed for simple and rapid installation and operation, with short set up times, therefore increasing production time and quality of the finished product.

For more information on Roller Strand Compaction contact: www.barproductsandservices.com